Window Drapery Tips

Window Drapery Tips

When it comes to interior design, the last area we usually consider is that of window dressing. And yet, with some careful thought and planning, it can really add to the overall look and functionality of a room.

Here are some hints for what to consider when choosing your next set of blinds/shades/curtains.

1. Functionality: Do you want to block out an unsightly view? Are you overlooked? Choosing window coverings that let in light and air but providing some screening and/or privacy such as vertical blinds or the latest slatted designs such as day & night blinds. These provide the same effect as vertical blinds but are made from fabric strips, which means less dust and offers you more choice when it comes to colours and overall look.

2. Overall light quality: Does the room in question get a lot of sun at certain times of the day, or is it north facing? If you need to let in as much light as possible to prevent gloom, you may want to consider curtains or blinds in a gauzy, semi-opaque fabric such as voile. If you get a lot of light pollution coming through the window at night, you may want to consider curtains or blinds with blackout fabric.

3. Ventilation needs: Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be higher in moisture levels and need more ventilating, which can make certain window coverings prone to fading or mould. Choose water-resistant fabrics and more functional coverings to help reduce cleaning and maintenance. Designs that allow you to open the windows more easily are also a plus

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