Increasing light pollution linked to sleep difficulties

Increasing light pollution linked to sleep difficulties

A 2009 report into light pollution found that between 1993 and 2000, large parts of the UK became more lit-up at night, in a bid to improve safety and security. This coincides with a 2007 poll, which found that for a third of respondents, light outside bedroom windows often led to insomnia.

In addition, changing trends in interior design meant that light-blocking window coverings like dark or heavy curtains less desirable, further fuelling the problem. Today most people prefer light spaces with clean lines. Cost also plays into this – it is often expensive to have long, heavy curtains made. They can also be expensive and hard to clean.

So what’s the answer?

According to sleep doctor, Dr Michael J. Breus, “Sleep is a performance activity, if you have the right equipment you will do it better.”

This means getting a comfortable bed with good quality mattress and pillows, using bed linen and pyjamas in breathable fabrics to aid body temperature control, and of course, investing in the right window coverings.

Well-fitted blackout blinds not only help to block out light pollution; they are also neat and clutter-free, requiring little in the way of cleaning or maintenance. Made well, they can also help cool room temperature by blocking any strong sunlight that might enter during the day.

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