Stave off Winter Colds: Get Better Sleep!

Stave off Winter Colds: Get Better Sleep!

Lower light levels and fewer daylight hours in winter can seriously affect ones mood, as anyone who suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) will tell you.

However, what many people don’t realise is that the change in ratio between day and night can also affect people’s sleep. And according to the experts, getting enough good quality sleep is vital in keeping the immune system strong, especially in winter when cold and flu viruses tend to be at their most active.

So how do you get a better night’s sleep during the colder months?

• Don’t overheat your room – this can disrupt sleep and/or prevent you from drifting off. If you’re restless or have nightmares at night, it might be because you are too hot.
• Reduce stress levels – the busy period in the lead-up to Xmas can crank up anxiety levels, making it difficult to decompress at bedtime. Finding ways to manage stress better will therefore not only help sleep but your overall quality of life. Exercise can also help.
• Invest in #DAYandNIGHT blinds. These can be adjusted from summer to winter to help you let in more light on winter’s mornings to help wake you up, but block out unwanted light during the summer.

Do you have any proven suggestions?