Top Tips: How to Clean Your Metal Venetian Blinds

?Top Tips: How to Clean Your Metal Venetian Blinds

Hardwearing and durable, metal blinds are a firm office favourite. However, they can be tricky to clean if you don’t know how.

Below are our top tips for keeping your metal venetian blinds dust, ding and rust free.

? Use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery brush head to run along each section of blinds – the bristles will loosen dust while the suction will remove it easily. Just make sure the suction on your vacuum cleaner isn’t too strong or you could pull the slats out of position. A machine with adjustable suction options is ideal.
? Regular light cleaning with a duster fitted with an extendable wand is recommended, especially if you blinds are fitted in a high window casing. Opening the blinds slightly helps you to get into each slat and remove any particles that may have collected there.
? Alternatively, close the blinds and use a special duster mit or glove to run down the front surface – this will quickly pick up excess dust. When you’ve finished, flip the blinds closed in the opposite direction repeat.
? To get rid of sticky stains, dab a cleaning cloth into a container filled with warm water and some washing up detergent and run along each slat. Dry with a clean paper towel to avoid rusting.

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