Old blind cords can be danger!

? Old blind cords can be danger!

Did you know that since 2001, there have been 33 child deaths due to accidents involving blind cords? That’s according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), who warn: “They may look harmless, but to a young child looped cords can be deadly if they get them caught around their neck.

Since 2014, when new UK health and safety laws were introduced, all new blinds manufactured have to be fitted with safety devices to prevent such accidents from occurring.

However, many of older blinds do not come with these features fitted as standard, and RoSPA is concerned that this may be putting children at risk, particularly in rental properties. Research estimates that around a third of private-rental and local authority-rented properties do not have safety mechanisms fitted on their blinds.

Not only as a company owner but also as a father of two beautiful children and one on his way (!) – with my team we care about our clients’ safety. If you struggle with your current old blinds, please contact us without any obligations: info@perfectblindsuk.co.uk


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