How to Keep Window Dressings in Tip Top Condition

Tips for Screening Out Nosy Neighbours without Becoming a Curtain Twitcher

Curtains and blinds are one of those furnishings that we agonise over initially, but then tend to forget once they are installed and in position. However, these too need a little TLC in order to keep them in good condition.

Below are a few handy hints to help you keep blinds and curtains in tiptop shape.

• Curtains can collect dust, so it’s best to vacuum them weekly with your upholstery head
• It’s best to wash curtains every few years. Remove all hooks and eyes, soak in cold water using a gentle detergent and then give them a short spin in your washing machine. Ironing them while slightly damp is usually best. Be sure to follow the care instructions on the label.
• Curtains made from velvet, velour, chenille, brocade, wool or silk generally need to be dry-cleaned, as do those lined with blackout fabric. The same applies to Roman blinds.
• To clean Venetian-style blinds, use an old dampened sock over your hands to wipe off dust, or invest in a suitable brush/upholstery head on your hoover.
• For stubborn dirt, especially on wooden blinds, mix a little bicarb with water and some dish soap into a bowl, dip in a microfiber cloth, wring and gently wipe over each slat.