How window dressings can improve your curb appeal

Tips for Screening Out Nosy Neighbours without Becoming a Curtain Twitcher

Thinking of selling your home? Or looking for a way to increase your privacy without ruining your curb appeal? If so, you may want to put some thought into how your window dressings look from the outside of your property.

Here are a few tips for how to up the outside wow factor.

Opt for monochrome – Uniformity and neutral colours are two of the fastest ways to avoid the patchwork quilt effect. If you have different colour schemes in each room, then you may want to opt for all-white/natural window treatments like wooden shutters or rattan blinds. You can then add curtains with your preferred fabric on the inside. Alternatively, choose double-sided blinds in reverse shades or line the backs with a neutral fabric.

Keep layouts uniform – Repeating the way you fix/hang window treatments will helps to create symmetry. Choosing the same type of window dressing for street-facing window coverings (e.g. all roman blinds, all shutters etc) is another way to achieve uniformity.

Coordinate with exterior features – If you have exterior cladding or some other distinctive exterior feature, you’ll want to make sure that these don’t clash with your blinds. Instead, aim to create a pleasant contrast for more pop.