Four Reasons why Motorised Blinds are a Good Investment

Tips for Screening Out Nosy Neighbours without Becoming a Curtain Twitcher

They may seem like an unnecessary luxury reserved for those who live in swanky waterside apartments with all-glass frontages, but remote-controlled blinds might actually be a lot more practical than you might think.

Below, we outline four reasons why they offer you good bang for your buck:

• Have a disabled or elderly relative? If so, then adding motorised blinds would really help them to live independently. Rather than struggle to open or close the shades, they can do so at the touch of a button.
• They’re child-friendly – No dangerous cords to worry about. Plus, your blinds will look a lot sleeker and tidier with no pulls.
• Going away? Never mind getting in a housesitter. Create that lived-in look by giving your neighbours the remote control. You won’t even need to give them keys! Better still, choose blinds that can be operated via a smartphone app.
• Got a newborn? Motorised blinds are often silent and remote control operation means you’ll never have to get up in the middle of a cry/feed/nappy change again.

The best part? They’re a lot cheaper than you might expect.

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