The age of automation, how it can help disabled people.

Tips for Screening Out Nosy Neighbours without Becoming a Curtain Twitcher

The everyday tasks most of us take for granted like shutting blinds or curtains can be a real challenge for people living with certain disabilities. Let’s take visual impairment as an example if you have no perception of light how do you know if it’s light or dark?

You are potentially running the risk of everyone being able to see into your home during an evening, which could lead to some embarrassing situations and let’s not forget the security angle. If you neglect to put lights on dark evenings, then you may be giving potential burglars the impression that no one’s home and effectively inviting them in.

Having ‘smart’ blinds or curtains which are pre-set to shut and open at sunrise and sunset, or voice-activated can be a lifesaver. Motorised smart blinds which link up to your home automation system make life just that bit easier!

Now more affordable than ever, motorised blinds are a great choice to help with independent living for disabled people.

How are you using home automation?

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