Is dust collecting on your wooden blinds?

Wooden blinds look great but can be a challenge to keep clean, the trick is to think ‘little and often’. A quick once over with a feather duster once a week once with the slats closed and then when open should keep them nice and clean.

You can also use a vacuum cleaning on a low setting with a brush attachment taking care not to disturb the arrangement. If there are any sticky marks simply wipe off with a damp cloth, you don’t want to be using a lot of liquid or chemicals as this can damage the slats.
Baby wipes can work well for sticky marks! A little TLC along the way will keep your wooden blinds in tip-top condition.
If you still can’t face cleaning slats a ‘day and night’ blind could be a great option.

In a nutshell, they are a new type of fabric blind made up of alternating strips of transparent and opaque material set into a cassette with flat guides.

This makes them incredibly easy to operate, whilst also making them much easier to clean – no more dusting between slats!
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