Key trends in home design for 2020

Trends come and go; this year will be no different here are 3 key trends we think will be big this year!

Ethical Décor and Purchasing
We will continue to move anyway from ‘fast-fashion’ and invest in quality, reusable or recyclable material. Natural materials and quality craftsmanship will add a style and depth to any home, and most likely save you money in the long run!

Natural Materials, Colours and Patterns
Grey’s and cool neutrals have dominated the colour palette for the last few years, we are finally seeing a move into more warmer wood tones, beiges, browns and whites for 2020.

70’s and 80’s are back!
Think greens, oranges, marigolds and warm wood tones, introducing key colours through blinds, furniture and accessories against a white wall looks great.

Are planning on redesigning a room this year?

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