Is your home office Instagram worthy or a dull space?

Home offices tend to be a neglected area of the home design-wise, after all, it’s not a room for entertaining and functionality often takes precedence. But considering you spend more time working than relaxing it’s likely to be a well-used space so why not pay in a bit of TLC?

No surprise here, but plants can brighten up a home office and help improve air quality. Add some green to your home office, it’s quick, inexpensive, and you’ll breathe better.

Bottom-up blinds can be a great choice for an office, because they operate from the sill upwards, rather than the other way around. This means you can get maximum privacy whilst still allowing you to let in natural light via the gap at the top of the window. Great for shielding the computer from sun glare but still allowing in natural light!

Things that make you happy are much more enjoyable to look at all day than boring white walls. Add a splash of colour or accessories/photos/pictures that make you smile!

How do plan on brightening up your home office?

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