Optimizing energy flow with blinds.

Give them a perfect stay with some tips from experts; pinch a little hotel chic!

Spring is around the corner so now is the time to rethink, reorganize and revitalize your house with a little Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is the practice of optimising energy flow through your home, the windows of the home are your eyes to the world so it’s an important area to pay attention to.

During the daytime, for the best Feng Shui use sheer, light window treatments that allow Chi to flow easily in and out of your space. Adjustable blinds like our day and night blinds allow maximum light in without compromising privacy.

At night windows become big dark rectangles which give an overdose of Yin energy in a room. At night you want to be able to close off windows completely. In the morning you release all the good chi energy when you open the windows to the light outside!

Don’t forget to have a window spring clean!

The windows symbolize your eyes to the world. We want to be able to see and experience everything that the universe has to offer us.

Have you used Feng Shui to optimise the energy in your home?