The great debate: Curtains vs Blinds!

Give them a perfect stay with some tips from experts; pinch a little hotel chic!

There’s no doubt that dressing windows in a room will have a big effect on the overall feel, the first debate is often curtain’s or blinds? Although a combination of the two might be a great solution we are going to look at the factors that will influence the perfect choice your you!

– Can add a more traditional feel to an interior
– Curtains also offer the option of creating a ‘layered’ effect, with a sheer net or voile curtain
– Heavy curtains that reach the floor can trap heat and block out sound and light

– If you prefer simplicity and contemporary style, blinds are often the first choice for modern interiors.
– Blinds will be easier – and cheaper – to clean than curtains, depending on the type.
– Huge choice of style, colours and materials to suit any room in the house
– Aluminium and wood effect Venetian blinds are easy to wipe clean and won’t harbour germs, dirt or smells, a great option for bathrooms and kitchens
– More light control, our day and night blinds give you the option of adjusting light control throughout the day.

We think blinds make the perfect choice for any room of the home. If you want the look of curtains but the practicality of blinds you can always combine the two!