Is a blackout blind perfect for a nursery?

Give them a perfect stay with some tips from experts; pinch a little hotel chic!

We think a black-out blind is a must buy when preparing your home for baby’s arrival, blackout blinds as the name suggests blocks out all light from entering the room, the main aim is to reduce any disturbances that could stop baby getting a night of restful sleep.

Regardless of light levels outside the room will be in complete darkness, eliminating any daytime sunlight, street lamps or car headlights entering the room. A bonus is often reduced noise as well.

All sleep research suggests that a dark room makes us sleeps better, if your baby can get used to falling asleep in a dark room it can help when you travel or stay with relatives as baby will feel more comfortable in a dark space.

Black-out doesn’t have to equal boring, you can get a range of fabrics and finishes with creative design options, check out the range on our online shop.
If you not sure how to measure your blind, send us a picture of your window recess to and will be happy to help.
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