Why do we spring clean?

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March has arrived the first month of spring, (although we still feel in the grip of winter) but usually, spring invokes perfect memories of daffodils, jumping lambs, blossom trees and the schedule of the mammoth spring clean!

But why do we do this?
In the UK houses used to be heated by fireplaces and a great effort was made during winter to keep the heat in! The spring clean was necessary to literally wipe winter away:
“Spring cleaning comes from the days when homes were heated by fireplaces, and efforts were made to prevent heat from escaping. The coming of spring and warm weather was an opportunity to air the house and clean it of soot and all the grime accumulated over the winter months.”

Yvonne Manomano
A survey last year revealed that 85% of Brits think the tradition could soon be a thing of the past. With our modern homes, cleaning gadgets and affordable cleaners it’s not as needed as it once was.
But if the need takes you to deep clean your home look back over our recent posts for the perfect blind cleaning tips!
Do you keep up the tradition of a spring clean?

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