Is it time your bay window had a makeover?

Give them a perfect stay with some tips from experts; pinch a little hotel chic!

Bay windows are beautiful but can be hard to dress, many people hide their beauty behind heavy curtains. We think finding the perfect blind can transform the look of a bay window.

Roller blinds make the perfect choice for bays!

When fitting Roller blinds into a bay or box style window, you’ll achieve the best finish by putting separate blinds into each individual section of your bay. Made to measure roller blinds fit perfectly into each section the result is a streamlined, smart look for your window.

You can add a splash of colour or a statement print to bring your window alive and brighten up any room.

Fitting 3 blinds in a bay window gives you perfect light control as you can have the blinds at different heights.

Roller blinds are easy to maintain, and you can let your imagination run wild, there are hundreds of fabric and colours to choose from with a range of finishes including blackout blinds.

Do you think bay windows are a challenge to dress?

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