Aluminium – The sustainable choice?

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Without a doubt – Aluminium blinds are one of the longest-lasting solutions and our Aluminium Perfect-fit blind are taking that versatility to another level by enabling your to securely fit them to your glass profile on patio windows and many other difficult applications.

Aluminium is a lightweight, high strength material and because of these unique properties, it is used in virtually every facet of the modern construction industry. You might not automatically think of metal as being sustainable, but aluminium is the third most abundant material on earth after oxygen and silicon, and almost endlessly recyclable!

“By using aluminium products, you are choosing a material whose production has minimal long-term impact to the environment, is sustainable in terms of hundreds of years and endlessly recyclable. Aluminium can rightly be said to be the ultimate building material and the building material of choice for the future.”

Aluminium blinds make the perfect choice for your home, and you know you are making a sustainable choice! You will be surprised by their unmatched cost and efficiency, great quality at low prices.

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