Who knew a motorised blind could be a mum’s best friend!

Give them a perfect stay with some tips from experts; pinch a little hotel chic!

Ask any mum of a new-born, any little bit of wizardry that makes your life easier is worth it! As Perfect Blinds owner Natalie will a-test to having recently given birth to her 3rd child!

If you have chosen to breastfeed your baby it is a wonderful bonding experience, but the environment can play a huge part in breastfeeding success, especially in the early days as you and baby get used to it.

Many women report better breastfeeding experience when they have privacy and a relaxed environment. There is nothing more frustrating than getting settled in the nursing chair and sunlight streams in your eyes or you realise anyone could see in.

Using motorised blinds lets you stay in control, it’s a luxury you can afford! It can even connect to your home control system.

All blinds including roman, Venetian, vertical, wooden, roman and roller can be fitted with a discrete motor making them the perfect choice for mum and baby.

What was your favourite piece of equipment/gadget when you had your baby?

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