Do you find yourself working from home?

Give them a perfect stay with some tips from experts; pinch a little hotel chic!

It’s ok we are not mentioning the ‘c’ word but the reality is a lot of us may find ourselves working from home. Any freelancer will tell you it’s important to have a dedicated workspace so you can still have ‘a place of work’.

Your home office will provide an area for maximum productivity if you invest a thought to create the perfect space.
If you are working from home for any length of time it’s very important to invest in a good chair, invest in additional support for your back.

Use colour to create a feel for the room. Does your job involve design or art? If so, stimulating colours like teal and coral could work well. Maybe your work is more analytical, and numbers focused? In this case, a calming and focused shade of blue or grey will be better.

If your home office has a window, you should choose a blind or curtains that control the light effectively, preventing glare and eye strain. Roman blinds and curtains are a softer and more luxurious choice, while Day and Night blinds or Double Rollers offer more flexibility with light control and privacy.

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