How is working from home going?

Give them a perfect stay with some tips from experts; pinch a little hotel chic!

For many people it’s been a huge change to work from home instead of the office environment, technology thankfully allows us to work from home, but you still want to create a space which produces maximum productivity, concentration and motivation.

Even if you haven’t got a dedicated room to work from most experts agree that you need to dedicate a space in your home for work. The right blind can bring several benefits to your workspace. Not only will it control the light, prevent screen glare and provide privacy, but it can also help to cut down on outside noise and distractions.

Day and Night blinds make a great choice, as these blinds roll down, the alternating strips of fabric slide against each other, moving between one block of colour or a set of stripes. They look stylish, allow you to control the light levels and give you privacy.

They tick all the boxes!

Are you new to working from home, how have you found the transition?

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