Are superheroes just for children?

Give them a perfect stay with some tips from experts; pinch a little hotel chic!

Hands up if you love superheroes! We know children love to be surrounded by their favourite characters, adults it is ok if it’s a guilty pleasure for you too!

As it is International Children’s Day on June 1st which brings awareness to the rights of children around the world, we feel it’s the perfect time to introduce our range of showstopping superhero blinds! It is enough to get your ‘spidey senses tingling’!

Our range of blinds for children are great for updating the look of a room and setting free your child’s imagination. Allowing children to have an input into the design of their room may not seem important, but it can allow them to develop their own personal style and feel like they have a safe space to express themselves.

Marvel, Star Wars, Disney Princesses, Dumbo to Toy Story we are sure you can find something to suit children, teenagers, and adults alike, they are ‘Cowabunga dude!’ In the words of the great Mark Twain ‘never regret anything that made you smile!’

Who is your favourite superhero?

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