Why the office simply can’t go away!

Give them a perfect stay with some tips from experts; pinch a little hotel chic!

Working from home can have many benefits but we should not disregard the benefits of the office!
1. Innovation – we are social creatures and we crave connection, even at socially distanced lengths! Face-to-face meetings will always be needed, while technology can meet some of our needs it can’t replace it totally. People working from home have reported extra stress levels and fatigue. Innovation happens when people come together with energy and togetherness! Being together stimulates creativity!
2. 65% of companies are reporting that they are struggling to maintain morale, people have always come together for common purposes and must continue to do so!
3. Movement! Yes, we can prove we can work, teach, shop, rest and play at home but it is not good for us. Moving around locations, walking to and from conference rooms, even the daily commute helps us to keep moving! Movement is correlated with enhanced memory and learning!
In these social distanced times, we must make the effort to get back to work while taking every precaution to halt the spread of the virus and follow the latest government guidelines.
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Do you feel safe going back to work?