Aluminium Blinds

Horizontal blinds are available in widths of 16mm and 25mm. The simplicity of the design, versatility and functionality make them a very popular window decoration and an element of interior design. In addition, they are available in multitude of colours. The surface mounting, where one blind is used for the entire window cavity, is the most common way of hanging the blinds. Aluminium venetian blinds with 25mm slats are the most common type. However, 16mm slats blinds may be an excellent alternative to  25mm, especially for smaller windows. The 16mm slats blind gives the impression of lightness and delicacy especially in small rooms and in small windows.

Isotra blinds – “perfect fit”.

Another window solution in the so-called “perfect fit” group is the Isotra system. This is a very modern and aesthetic solution whic can be installed in all kinds of windows (PVC, aluminium and wooden). Isotra blind is operated with a chain-driven mechanism which allows you to open and close or raise and lower the blind. They are perfectly harmonized with the shape of the upper profile of the window.

ISOTRA blinds have many advantages such as their functionality and decorative aspects. The blind installed in the so-called “window light”, with a decorative head rail and the standard side cord, makes the window and the blind creating a unified whole.

– min width:  30cm
– max width: 235cm
– max drop:   300 cm
– 48 different colours available