Day & Night Blinds

Since their launch, they have become an absolute bestseller.

Day / Night blinds are a special type of fabric blinds with horizontal, alternating transparent and blackout straps manufactured with excellent craftsmanship and in a range of unusual designs. The alternating strips allow for adjusting the amount of incoming light while creating a unique atmosphere in the room.

The functionality of Day / Night blinds in a cassette with flat guides outperforms all other models by combining the features of horizontal blinds, roller blinds and curtains. One of the features of this kind of blinds is that dust does not settle on the impregnated fabric.

Day / Night blinds are ideal for homes and offices. The choice of colours of the fabrics in our range allows you to lighten or darken the overall arrangement of the room. When fully closed, you can get the full effect of a covered a window or obtain clarity with the net curtain fabric of the transparent strips.

Day / Night blinds can be divided into:

cassette blinds – mounted to the window frame. A cassette certainly looks elegant and additionally protects the fabric from dust and dirt. It is screwed to the window bead and flat and aesthetic plates are glued to the frame.
free-hanging blinds – mounted to a wall, ceiling or a window frame. Blinds are placed in a full aluminium cassette allowing for a quick assembly and disassembly.

This product  meets at the same time the function of curtains and blinds, thanks to its unique, unusual design with 3D effect. They are mounted on the windows of each type.

– min width:  30cm
– max width: 150 cm
– max drop:  160/ 210 cm
– 44 fabrics to choose from
– profile colors available: white, brown, silver, mahogany, walnut, golden oak, dark oak