Vertical Blinds

This type of vertical blinds is primarily associated with office space. Verticals are present in schools, conference rooms – in short, wherever there may be a need to mask the entire wall of the windows. Increasingly, however, verticals are used at homes and apartments. Deciding to go with verticals, we go for the play of light and shadows, which, with appropriate selection of the colour of the fabric can create very interesting character to a given space. During the summer will reduce the flow of excessive sunlight. In office this solution  create optimal conditions to work and perform assigned duties. Vertical blinds check is also ideal in the home, providing us with greater shading if necessary, while the intimate atmosphere and protection from the outside world.

Vertical blinds can be fixed both on the ceiling and on walls. Depending on how large a window is, and how spacious the room is, some present more aesthetically than others.

Dropped in the bay window, they are an elegant decoration of small windows.

There are three ways of opening the Verticals:

– all slats pushed to the right side, all pushed to the left or pushed from the centre in both directions. The latter application can replace curtains, which often decorates the windows.

With huge range of colours and designs is easy to match any interior.

– min width:   25 cm
– max width: 240 cm
– max drop:   400 cm